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Neeta embodies the voice of the future. She is this generation’s voice. Multi-dimensional and with abounding promise to inspire millions of humans to step into their greatness.

Passion / Purpose / Mission

Neeta is a motivational speaker, emotional confidence advocate, and social entrepreneur helping millions Step Into Greatness through harnessing emotional health practices. She shares her personal story of obstacles, resilience, and recovery. Growing up as the daughter of Filipino-Indian immigrant "tiger parents", she lost her mother, father and eldest brother, becoming an orphan by the age of 19. Neeta's personal journey through navigating death, cancer, domestic violence, and divorce and how she overcomes extraordinary adversity began her quest to embark on her own self-discovery and Independent Awakening. This is the name of her foundation which supports women and girls organizations solving complex challenges globally. While building and growing her first business venture to over a million dollars as a successful cosmetic dentist and entrepreneur. Realizing her true gifts were beginning to take momentum exponentially: began a global advocacy campaign championing self-love, developing and leading high-growth & high achieving women's development workshops & masterminds, and even angel investing and consulting.

After spreading her transformational shifts and inspiration to top level CEOs, business executives, health professionals, women's networks, and college and high school students, Neeta’s true mission was realizing that emotional health had always been the missing link tying each of these communities together once she lifted her veil of the Perfect Daughter. Since these are monumental lessons not learned in school. This catapulted a burning desire to deliver widespread to the masses making it easily accessible by developing workshops, e-courses, and programming for emotional confidence training and thereby spearheading audiences globally.


Whitney Smith

Neeta’s voice, and conviction to end the legacy of the perfect daughter through her emotional confidence course is perfect timing for the many challenges and obstacles that we can definitely all relate to on our journey through professional hurdles and heartbreaks, to our own personal challenges. Don’t think twice, just sign up and watch your life transform to greatness.

Whitney Smith Whit & Wisdom, Founder Girls For A Change
Novalena J. Betancourt

Dr. Neeta is The Total Female Package and interweaves the convergence of cultural balance and exploring your own passions with productive ease in her course.  Many women and men relate to shedding the image of perfection and happily take the nuggets they learn from to move forward in creating their best lives.

Novalena J. Betancourt Author, The Total Female Package / SVP Communications, Mobile Incorporated
Anthony Trucks

Neeta’s message and how she has taken her story and fueled into something both men and women can relate to with such ease in a ‘safe’ space. She allows you to be yourself. And as a former NFL player we are taught to shun our emotions. I’ve learned and I continue to learn from her, and believe that every single person can benefit from her courses and live events- it’s definitely helped me as a parent of a daughter.

Anthony Trucks Former NFL player, Author, Speaker: Trust Your Hustle
Cat Languido

I’ve always struggled with vulnerability. As an overachiever, and consistent perfectionist I’ve found it hard to let me guard down. Working for the series where we encounter tons of speakers only bringing in the best, and then finding Neeta- her caliber, her messaging is exactly what our generation needs to give ourselves permission to step into greatness.

Cat Languido Former Producer, Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday Series
Brian Johnson

Neeta is an exceptional powerhouse in giving emotional confidence a voice that communicates heart, triumphs through her own adversities, and showcases her advocacy on helping others step into greatness.

Brian Johnson Founder En*theos, The Academy for Optimal Living
Melinda Cohen

Neeta’s messaging and mission around emotional wellness and self-love is vital, especially being a cog in the Hollywood machine for close to a decade, I have seen so many people – particularly women – give away all of their power to other people’s opinions, decisions and ideas of what “beauty” should look like. Neeta shares these essential practical tools with others in order to guide them back to the present.

Melinda Cohen E! News Anchor, Filmmaker/Producer, Founder at Smiling Heart Rebels